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Individual Donations

Makerspaces have existed in one way or another for a long time. In general, a makerspace is described as a collaborative space for sharing, exploring and creating with our hands and tools. Say you have an idea for—anything, having a local makerspace with the necessary tools available to you and your neighbors, is a great advantage. DreamIT MakeIT wants to offer you that advantage.

DreamIT MakeIT is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization headquartered in Springfield, MO. We are organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, dedicated to furthering the makerspace view.

Our main revenue generating venue is your contribution through a purchase of Individual or Family memberships.

See the ‘Membership’ page for additional information.

Corporate Donations

As we have mentioned previously Springfield, Mo is becoming a technical center for SW Missouri and the four state area. DreamIT MakeIT is working to help makers come together in a collaborating, learning and sharing environment. An alliance or partnership between Dream IT Make IT and your organization originate because we share a common vision and goal.

If your organization has a philanthropic interest and the Dream IT Make IT mission, for the local technical environment synchronize, then partnering with DreamIT MakeIT will allow your organization to both leverage your reach and promote your contributions to the local community.

This special partnership between our organizations will promote the local economy as we work towards a long-lasting relationship.This may be the time to implement a organizational giving program.

For answers to your questions, please call today.

Advantages of Making Donations

  • Your donations help us provide education and training programs to our members.
  • Your donation will help our makerspace have the best equipment and events possible
  • With your support, we can improve lives and create new jobs in the community.
  • Help us inspire the next generation of Makers.